Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation

Smooth You Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation is one of the best weight-loss and skin tightening treatments available. Unlike liposuction, it is a completely non-invasive procedure that removes fat cells while tightening and toning the skin.*

So how does Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation work and why does it help to get rid of fat?
A Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation machine has a flexible probe which gently glides over the body’s fat deposits. While a vacuum effect stimulates the body’s tissues, ultrasound waves penetrate the skin surface and cause fat cells to vibrate strongly until they disintegrate. The fat cells are then absorbed by the bloodstream and expelled permanently from the body. The treatment is entirely safe as the ultrasound waves only reduce only fat cells, with no side effects on the skin, capillaries or organs.

The benefits of Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation are many:

  • It reduces cellulite – smoothens the skin and firms as the fat is decreased.
  • It reduces excess skin – lose skin folds and excess flabbiness.
  • It reduces stretch marks – tightens up skin over muscles.
  • Reduces fat cells – the fat cells are destroyed and then expelled from body.

One Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation procedure lasts 45 minutes. After the session, an Smooth You specialist will recommend an aftercare regimen, including an exercise and diet plan that keeps the skin hydrated and speeds up fat elimination. For best results Smooth You recommends a series of *10 to 12 treatments over *10 months.