Stretch marks are narrow streaks that occur on the surface of the skin. Stretch marks are caused when the middle layer of skin (dermis which allows your skin to stretch) tears. The tears allow the blood vessels below to show through, (this is why they are red/purple when they first appear). When the blood vessels eventually contract (get smaller), the pale-coloured fat underneath your skin will be visible, and your stretch marks will change to a silvery-white colour.

The only non-invasive treatment that removes white stretch marks without pain and side effects, this treatment uses both MULTI RF for skin toning and innovative advanced FRACTIONAL RF for stretch marks reduction.

The FRF Needles Free Rejuvenator uses Radio Frequency technology to effectively treat stretch marks that are present at different depths of the skin to produce smoother, firmer, rejuvenated skin. The heat causes an increase in the amount of oxygen carried to the tissues which speeds up cellular metabolism and the elimination of catabolic waste. It also stimulates the production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid to give skin a younger appearance with visible lifting and more elasticity.
Fractional RF uses a series of small electrodes to deliver electricity as soon as they come in contact with the skin and a matrix of round ended needles on the surface of the skin injects the electricity into the skin. This method allows a rapid recovery of broken tissues.

Concerns Treated

Stretch Marks

Uneven Skin Texture



How It Works

Fractional RF uses a matrix of needles organized in couples to inject the electricity in the skin. Electromagnetic waves transform electromagnetic energy into thermal energy (heat). The heat produced in the treated area causes formation of new collagen resulting in immediate skin tightening and stimulation of collagen fibres for repairing the skin. The Radio Frequency allows the electromagnetic waves to reaches the deepest layers of the skin causing a high production of collagen in the next 6 months, giving the customer an excellent result.


  • Diminish stretch marks
  • Tighter and smoother toned skin texture


How long does each session last?

Each treatment session lasts 30 minutes – 45 minutes. This does not include a personal Consultation session with takes around 15-20 minutes.

How many treatments do I need?

This can vary and depends on the desired result and other factors but a course of up to 10-12 sessions are recommended with repeated sessions to maintain results after 6 months.

When do I see results?

From first treatment you will start to see skin which is smoother and firmer in texture and slimmer profile.

How long does it last?

3-5 years depending on the aftercare of your skin and body including diet and exercise.

Is it painful?

The process is unpleasant but not painful.

What is the recovery time?

There is no downtime and you can return to your daily schedule straight after your treatment. It will take around 24-48 hours to recover depending on conditions such as the aftercare of your skin and your age.

Do I receive any aftercare advice?

Smooth You takes your skins wellness seriously so after each treatment, an Aftercare Advice Leaflet will be provided to ensure that you are well-educated and informed about your skin.

Client Feedback


Agi was extremely thorough, pleasant and informative. She explained everything throughout and made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable during a treatment that can be a little awkward! Great member of staff!!! Thank you!! face


I was really impressed from start to finish. Smooth You was easy to find, and the shop front was very bright and welcoming. Sophie came to collect me from the front introducing herself listened and basically tenderied to my needs. I really enjoyed my treatment particularly the head massage which I was a little wary of and the facial was fantastic. Would definitely recommend. client