Microdermabrasion Facial & Anti-Aging Treatment

Smooth You Crystal Free Microdermabrasion Facial treatment is a simple, fast and gentle anti-aging procedure that rejuvenates and improves the look of your skin. It is called by many the “instant facelift”, as you can see its positive effects almost immediately.
What is Crystal Free Microdermabrasion and how does it make your skin better?
The orbital rotation of the abrasion tips attached to the hand-piece significantly reduce skin imperfections, such as discolouration, age spots, small wrinkles, scars and impurities, leaving your skin clear and smooth. At the same time, micropulses transmitted by the hand-piece massage the skin, improving circulation and stimulating the formation of new collagen that firms and tones the skin tissue, providing a very relaxing treatment.

The benefits of Crystal Free Microdermabrasion are many:

  • It increases the penetration of skincare products by up to *50% – that gives moisturizer and facial creams a stronger and *longer-lasting effect on skin
  • It stimulates blood flow – skin complexion will become *brighter, livelier and smoother as the cells are better nourished
  • It gets rid of acne – pores are cleaned out easily and shrink in size, clearing up the skin and making it *smoother
  • It decreases sun damage – age spots and signs of hyperpigmentation become *less visible
  • It takes away wrinkles and fine lines – the top layer of skin is removed, leaving you with a smoother, firmer and *younger look

One Crystal Free Microdermabrasion procedure lasts only 45 minutes, after which you should avoid the sunlight for at least a day. For best results Smooth You recommends a series of 6 to 12 treatments, at interval of up to *1 month between treatments.