What are facial scars and blemishes?

Scars are formed on the skin when the body forms new collagen fibres to replace the lost or damaged ones. Because the new scar tissue will have a different texture and quality then the skin surrounding it, it forms what we call a scar.

Depending on age and the skin’s ability to heal, different scars are formed. The good thing is that scarring and acne scarring can be treated.

Blemishes are imperfections on the skin like dark spots, uneven skin tone, pigmentation marks and acne marks.

What causes facial scars and blemishes?

Scarring can occur from the following factors:

  1. Severe acne can penetrate deeply into the skin and damage the tissues beneath it and thus forms a scar.
  2. Damage or careless handling of the skin like burns, cuts or grazes.

Treatments Available

Ultimate Brightening Repairing and Resurfacing Facial

Signature Chemical Peel

Phototherapy Deep Tissue Collagen Recovery

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Agi was extremely thorough, pleasant and informative. She explained everything throughout and made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable during a treatment that can be a little awkward! Great member of staff!!! Thank you!! face


I was really impressed from start to finish. Smooth You was easy to find, and the shop front was very bright and welcoming. Sophie came to collect me from the front introducing herself listened and basically tenderied to my needs. I really enjoyed my treatment particularly the head massage which I was a little wary of and the facial was fantastic. Would definitely recommend. client