HIFU Ultherapy

Smooth You HIFU Ultherapy is an FDA-approved, non surgical procedure which brings massive anti-aging benefits to skin.

Ultherapy tightens, lifts and rejuvenates your face while strengthening the skin tone.

Concerns Treated

So how does Smooth You Ultherapy work and why does it make the skin better?

An Smooth You specialist will first exfoliate and massage the skin thoroughly. HIFU directly delivers heat energy to subcutaneous tissue (SMAS layer) that can stimulate and renew the collagen cells and consequently improve the skin texture and reduce sagging skin. HIFU focuses ultrasound to produce 68-72C heat. This heat penetrates into the deep skin directly and shrinks the collagen and fibroblasts immediately. The energy will stimulate the recombination and regrowth of collagen continuously. The final results up to *6 months. Ultherapy is better than laser treatments, which can’t penetrate below the skin surface. In addition, it offers similar results to surgery but without the disadvantages.

The benefits of Smooth You HIFU Ultherapy are many:

  • It decreases facial sagging – will get a “facelift” as the skin becomes more firm
  • It decreases wrinkles and blemishes – the skin will tighten and look more toned
  • It shapes your neck – it will tighten the skin and make it look younger and fuller
  • It increases cellular regeneration – the face will look more hydrated and smoother
  • It increases lymphatic drainage – the face will become thinner and less puffy
  • It reduces dark circles – skin under the eyes will look lighter and brighter
  • It cleans the skin – The pores will be purified from toxins and bacteria


How long does each session last?

One CACI treatment lasts about 1 hour

How many treatments do I need?

For best results, Smooth You recommends a series of up to *12-15 treatments. This should be followed by quarterly sessions to maintain the results.

When do I see results?

How long does it last?

What is the recovery time?

With no recovery time needed. The treatment is completely painless and non-invasive.

Client Feedback


Agi was extremely thorough, pleasant and informative. She explained everything throughout and made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable during a treatment that can be a little awkward! Great member of staff!!! Thank you!! face


I was really impressed from start to finish. Smooth You was easy to find, and the shop front was very bright and welcoming. Sophie came to collect me from the front introducing herself listened and basically tenderied to my needs. I really enjoyed my treatment particularly the head massage which I was a little wary of and the facial was fantastic. Would definitely recommend. client