The Number 1 Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Facial Treatment in UK

What is Caci Treatment all About?
CACI is an acronym that stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. It’s a kind of facial treatment that’s safe and effective in achieving smooth and younger looking skin. Currently, CACI facial treatment is offered in popular spas, top aesthetic clinics and luxury hotels. This treatment works with a special type of machine (CACI facial machine) that stimulate 32 facial muscles, making the face strengthened and tightened – the most common effects obtained from regular workout. And if there are problems on cellulite and sagging skin then the CACI Quantum is an ultimate solution that effectively targets problematic skin areas. And if hands have hard-to-treat skin, the CACI microlift treatment makes the *best option.

What to Expect from CACI?
CACI Facial London is a highly reputable provider of non-surgical procedures for skin problems. In fact, this treatment exists in UK’s beauty industry for more than twenty years now. It has actually made and conducted rigorous and elaborate research procedures, making itself transform into a well-known and award-winning anti-aging procedure. The treatment is now widely used by models, celebrities and anyone who is looking forward to rejuvenating their skin without undergoing costly and painful surgical procedures.

CACI Process: How is it Done?
Typical facial treatments usually involves smoothing applications or moisturizers that feels good to the skin but unfortunately, their effects don’t last that long. CACI facial treatments are different. With CACI facial, practical procedures are applied, to achieve stimulated skin and muscles. It helps in making the skin tight and firm, triggering the production of collagen in the process.

The treatment starts with a well-trained CACI therapist who works in exfoliating the skin with a process or session called microdermabrasion. This session is concentrated on areas where wrinkles commonly develop. This produces a pulling sensation, removing the dull outer layer of the skin in the process. Once the exfoliation is rendered, the next step is the reduction of fine lines which is aided by a “wrinkle comb” which is initially used in a gentle manner then gradually becomes more intensive which is aided by the application of soothing, numbing cream. The comb’s prongs pass through the skin’s surface, plumping and stimulating collagen production and growth at the same time.

The CACI machine is popularly known as a type of facial machine that works effectively on facial muscles, targeting the fine lines and sculpting the jawline as well. Soft cotton-tipped prongs are commonly used to hold the treated areas of the skin as microcurrents are applied underneath the skin’s surface. Blue lights are used to sooth recently treated skin and red lights to promote anti-aging effects. The last step would be the application of moisturizing silicon mask along with pore stimulation to achieve optimum absorption.

The CACI Microlift Technology
CACI is actually committed in creating and conducting research on various options for non-surgical facial treatments. Such research works have led to great innovations and advancements in the field of aesthetic treatment technology. These innovations and advancements include SPED Microcurrent LED Technology. This kind of skin treatment technology combines LED light therapy and microcurrent to achieve *long-lasting rejuvenation effects. Light is used essentially because it has the ability to penetrate and travel deeper into the skin, maximizing tissue rejuvenation and collagen stimulation at the same time.

Electro Cellulite Massager or ECM is known as an optional attachment that holds and activates microcurrent to body areas that have developed cellulite. This modern and advanced massaging tool loosens tensed shoulders, tones sagging muscles and improves sore limbs

CACI treatment also uses Hydrotone to achieve deep hydration, Ultrasonic and Microdermabrasion treatments to reduce dull and lifeless skin, and Vacuum suction to improve circulation of blood to the surface of the skin

The CACI Facial Treatment Systems
CACI facial international is an authority in the field of beauty enhancements offers five different treatment systems that fight off different kinds of skin problems including under eye bags, cellulite, blemishes and a whole lot more.

The CACI Quantum
This treatment makes use of the classic facial machine that also emits ultra-low waveforms and frequencies that also work with the body’s natural bio-electric field. Small and precise electrical pulses are also created and used to promote well-toned skin and invigorated muscles. It also works effectively in diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite. It also promotes hydrated skin and treats aging skin on hands.

The CACI Ultra
This kind of CACI treatment comes with more than forty preset treatment options, allowing to pick the ones that suits the needs. The Ultra treatments offers more skin treatment options which usually include skin peeling, stretch mark reduction and blemish treatment.

The CACI Ultimate
This is the first CACI treatment system that combined LED light therapy, Facial toning microdermabrasion and microcurrent therapy. With the combination of such powerful and effective treatments, Ultimate has significantly earned its name. This treatment covers all treatment options with other preset options. It also uses a unique wrinkle comb that reduces lines and plumps the skin in the process.

Treating All Types of Skin Problems with CACI Treatment
Using the machines of CACI Facial London is an effective solution that provides non-surgical procedures for different kinds of skin problems. When compared to other skin treatments, CACI machines are capable of treating not just one or two but more types of skin issues. The most common types of skin problems that can be treated by CACI machines are as follows:

Facial Toning

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Eye bags
  • Eye revitalization

Skin Hydration

  • Skin peeling
  • Acne
  • Blemishes

CACI treatments also target neck treatments, body toning, cellulite, slimming, stretch marks, and hand treatments.

CACI treatments for fine lines and wrinkles include a complete range of treatment options that aim to target specific skin problems like loss of facial volume, frown lines, sleep lines and dynamic lines. CACI facial can also improve skin problems that have something to do with sun damage, poor diet and smoking.

CACI microlift for the hands is actually one of the most unique features of the treatment system as the hands are commonly ignored when it comes to anti-aging procedures. With this kind of treatment, it is not only the face that achieves rejuvenation but the hands as well. And with CACI’s facial system, the hands can also benefit from using microdermabrasion and Hydrotone and ultrasonic skin peel. All of this treatment systems work together to promote deep moisturization, achieving plump skin on well-worn hands.

Why Should Choose CACI?
Choosing CACI facial and body treatments, is actually getting something that works effectively. This is supported by the fact that CACI has worked incessantly for decades in finding effective and non-surgical solutions specifically in the category of skin and body rejuvenation. With the use of innovative and advanced technologies, great results are achieved. As a matter of fact, CACI still works continuously in search for the best innovations and technologies in the field of beauty and skin rejuvenation. With such things in mind, CACI has also made it possible to retain its loyal customers for years while encouraging more in the process. And with the myriad of treatment options offered, customers are also given the opportunity to choose the kind of treatment they want – a treatment that does not necessarily require invasive and surgical procedures. And even when the treatment procedures do not entail going under the knife, rest assured that stunning results are achieved along the way.

To learn more details and information about CACI facial and its treatment systems, please feel free to contact us today.