Smooth You Town Spa’s are at the forefront of offering a multitude of technological treatments for the face, skin, body and hair, alongside a wide range of luxury skin care products. Many of these treatments are non-surgical which means clients have a choice of looking rejuvenated and radiant without the pressures that come with surgical procedures. Being provided with all these services, across all locations, under one roof means that caring for your skin has never been easier.



At Smooth You, we believe our clients deserve the best in life, so not only do we provide the best technology, our centres design concept is comfortable luxury. The centres are built to the highest quality. Clients are welcomed by our friendly receptionists in to a warm and plush waiting area.


Our research team are constantly looking for effective machines to treat a wide range of skin concerns and the latest technology that will provide clients with their desired result.

Thoroughly educated and trained, our team of professionals has experience working with a diverse range of clients to create a custom-tailored treatment option that is right for you. At Smooth You the team are dedicated to providing effective results as safely as possible so each client goes through a thorough assessment and consultation before any treatments are recommended.



Employing over 20 specialist therapists over three Central London locations, Smooth You has made looking youthful and radiant as simple and convenient as possible. We are passionate about rejuvenating the whole body and educating clients on best practices so that they live in comfort and are confident and love the skin they are in.