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For Oily & Combination Skin
A herbal-rich lightweight formula offers a gentle and effective means to improve skin clarity, skin tone and texture. The formulation is based on an innovative complex which preserves high levels of skin hygiene while fighting your skin breakouts.
The serum is enriched with tea tree miracle oil with skin softening benefits, vitamin E antioxidant protection, geranium essential oil which helps clear, relax and beatify your skin and the cooling refreshing qualities of Aloe Vera leaf juice.

For Oily & Combination Skin
A lightweight gentle, silky hydration formula for blemished acne prone skin, designed to promote
complexion clarity and minimize the appearance of pores by reducing shine without dryness.
This lotion delivers acne fighting ingredients deep into the pores in order to dissolve oil and enhance
better skin hygiene protection, addressing both, existing and future breakouts.
The facial lotion is enriched with a dose of bamboo extract which helps to control excess oil while
salicylic acid and geranium oil refines the look of pores, tea tree miracle oil and chamomile flower
extract for skin soothing qualities.
Your skin is left relaxed, refreshed and clearer in the morning.

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