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This revolutionary kit contains an extremely concentrated, deep treatment which targets the 4 main principles of any skin- care; deep cleansing and purifying, Nourishment, Hydration and Anti-aging.
Very much like a yearly check-up we conduct for our body, or an overhaul procedure we perform on our car every 15,000 km, this brilliant 4 stages treatment is designed to extensively renew, RESET and balance your skin.
This 4 months precise care is used once-a-year, or as an ongoing routine to maintain a fabulous looking skin.

1st month – Deep Cleansing and Purifying

The ‘Pores Beautifying Mask’ is designed to fully extract dirt, excess oils, makeup left overs, dead cells and more. The ‘Sleeping Beauty Mask’ will refresh & sooth the skin and refine & close open pores.

2nd month – Intensive Nourishment

Feed your skin while providing it with supreme nutritional values; essential proteins, Vitamins and minerals. These powerful yet delicate formulas, enriched with selective botanical extracts, will help regain youthful skin and protect it from environmental damage.

3rd month – Deep Hydration

This ultra-hydrating system will lock the hydration deep inside your skin, significantly reduce water loss and promote soft and supple skin.

4th month – Anti-Aging

Restore your glorious, youthful years & erase signs of aging; pamper yourself with a firm, tight and smooth looking skin with this magnificent system, enriched with anti-oxidants and peptides technology. Make wrinkles & saggy skin disappear.


Smooth You Live!