Preserve Your Youth


Daily facial cream provides instant moisture while the active ingredients are being released over time to nourish and protect your skin.
This astonishing day cream is based on AQUALUXE master of moisture patented complex which mimics the osmoprotectant system that enables marine algae to survive the alternating salinity of the estuaries. This phenomenal ingredient ensures an optimal water balance within the skin, improving the skin’s water holding capacity and boosts the skin’s moisture level for an extended time after application. This indulgent moisturizing recipe is formulated with an enriched combination of green tea for its skin soothing qualities, shea butter known as hydration and guarding agent to soften your skin and improve its elasticity and our unique handmade herbal infusion of blueberry, lavender and basil. All are natural antioxidants with powerful skin rejuvenating and soothing properties, providing deep nourishment and delivering the natural essence of beauty.

Smooth You Live!