Microcurrent Facial Treatments

Smooth You Microcurrent Facial treatments – this is your *best option for a simple, effective and non-surgical facelift. Microcurrent facial treatments has no noticeable side effects, which makes it all the more attractive.

So how does a Microcurrent Facial work and what are its benefits?

A Microcurrent Facial treatment consists in gently stimulating the face and forehead with small electrical impulses. As the electricity used is very little, the procedure is completely painless. The electrical currents travels through the face, *toning the muscles and tissues, strengthening them and rejuvenating your face.

Microcurrent Facial treatments will benefit you in many ways as it:

  • * Improves your facial tone and firmness – lifts your sagging jowls and gets rid of your wrinkles, giving you a younger, more relaxed look
  • * Strengthens your facial muscles – makes your face look toned, firm and hydrated, eliminating puffiness
  • * Increases your skin elasticity – increases production of collagen by up to *60% and elastin by up to *73%
  • * Stimulates your blood circulation – makes your skin complexion brighter and smoother
  • * Brings more oxygen to your cells – keeps your face looking healthier
  • * Regenerates your cells faster – an anti-aging effect that keeps your face looking younger, for longer
  • * Increases cell permeability by up to *30% to *40%
  • * Reduces acne – evening and tightening the skin surface
  • * Reduces sun damage – eliminating dark spots and blemishes

Each session last about 45 minutes. You will start with 6 to 7 treatments in purpose to achieve desirable results , after which you should come back every 4-8 weeks for maintenance. With this treatment you will achieve younger appearance with no surgery and no recovery time!

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